Review of Unicorns Bubblegum by Katharina Hofmann

Unicorns Bubblegum

"I had the opportunity to try Love by Lovaloom's Unicorns Bubblegum in a Cotton/Viscose Bamboo blend. The wrap is a gentle, powdery but not too light shade of pink. It is very soft right from the start and feels moderately thin in hand without being flimsy at all. It is very smooth to the touch and I was not surprised that it glided effortlessly and was easy to tighten when I tried it both in single and multilayer carries. My son was 9 months and approximately 10 kg so not a newborn anymore, but as suited as the wrap is for a newborn it is for a heavier babies. He fell asleep in a simple ruck and even after an hour the Unicorns were still comfortable on my shoulders, no sagging and no retightening neccessary. All in all a perfect, soft and easy to wrap with choice for the first year - I am very happy that I had the opportunity to try it!"

Katharina Hofmann, babywearing consultant