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Marije Visser and myself had the pleasure of testing one of the new Love by Lovaloom wraps during our newborn baby wearing consultations for Dragen in Schagen. After a few sessions with new parents (who all loved the wrap) I had the amazing opportunity to wrap this beautiful baby today, the daughter of one of my close friends, only 5 days old! So long ago and such an amazing feeling... A perfect opportunity to have a little test ride with these unicorns. This wrap really creates a league of it's own in newborn wraps. It is buttery soft and super easy to wrap with and has a great glide and just the perfect amount of stretch. It still feels strong enough to last you well beyond the newborn phase. A great addition to the collection! Sad to see it go, wrapping is easy to teach with this one.

Pauline Schenk - Babywearing Consultant at Dragen in Schagen 

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