Lovaloom Astra Copper by Anastasia Metaxa

Wrapee: Marcia - 15 months old - 78cm - 9.7kg
Tester: Me -157cm – 45 kg
Blend: cotton 78%, viscose 21%, silk 1%
Thickness: 325 g/m2 post wash
Brand: Lovaloom
Pattern: Astra

Our turn to try this beauty has come and as it was excepted it was earned my heart!
Its light brown details on ecru fabric from 78% cotton, 21% viscose and 1% silk was extremely floppy and soft !!!!
It was like a cloud on my hands.
Extra moldable and so easy to wrap with even for a beginner.
I think it is a ideal for young babies and for toddlers.
It was worn by me and from my hubby with our little daughter, Marcia who is 15 yo now. She wants to breastfeed and she also wants to go up and down all the time. She literally changes her mind with incredible speed, so this ring sling is ideal for quick ups and downs and for breastfeed too. When it is folded takes so small space in the bag! Speaking for bags, it comes with Lovaloom string bag which is awesome !!!!!!!
I would love to have this awesome ring sling in my stash!!! It was my honor to try it! Thank you so so so much dear Lovaloom ❤